Damen/Pierce in Bucktown

Damen/Pierce was known as the Busy Bee building and is considered the most infamous piece of property west of the Kennedy Expressway. The Busy Bee Diner was widely known as a mainstay in Chicago lore; but, the building was dangerous and dilapidated. After a 26-month gut of the front building, we added two new restaurants, an additional commercial space, as well as 10,000 square feet of office space on the 2nd floor. The original parking lot was developed into a beautiful, new construction apartment building with large, two bedroom luxury apartments with balconies. Additionally, the building has two commercial spaces and both an indoor/outdoor parking lot. We also designed and built a beautiful new construction four story apartment building on the lot that originally held the parking lot.  The apartments were extremely large, very high-end, and featured two bedroom spaces with balconies.  The new construction development was mixed-use, providing two commercial spaces as well as an indoor parking garage and outdoor parking.  Now the property is known as the “Gateway to Bucktown”.