Designed as a high-end state-of-the-art technology house in the heart of Lakeview, 1446 Wolfram is an architectural masterpiece. Incorporating beautiful design elements like rare wood and metal juxtaposed with technology, allows the aesthetics of the home to align with the design functionality. While the home is still set on the standard 25 X 125 lot, artful design allowed great living spaces like an open concept floor plan, courtyard, rooftop deck and media room to work perfectly.


Utilizing high-end finishes and innovative architects, 1432 is a traditional floor plan with impeccable design elements. The crown jewel is the eastern facing wall designed with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the neighbor’s garden.


Sitting on a beautiful corner lot, 2658 N. Magnolia was the highest priced single family home at the time. Featuring an open floor plan with every imaginable convenience, this property is the site of high-end contemporary living at its best. By incorporating outdoor living space, we were able to maximize the 25 X 125 lot and provide ample living quarters.

2914 N. RACINE

Both Racine and George represented several years of creative activity involving Post War Victorians in Lakeview.  Adding a dormer allowed us to create a large luxurious duplex. With high-end finishes, hardwood floors, modern kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms, these buildings feature two-bedroom apartments to rent below the owner’s duplex.

1136 W. GEORGE

In Racine and George, the living space ranges between 2000 and 2200 square feet. Each building has two-car garages and outdoor decks, which are great features. “I still feel that these buildings are the most timeless and intelligent properties in Chicago.” – Mitchell Gerson